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Le Unique formerly Jeunique · Cameo · Brantly · Confidante · Figurettes · Smoothie · Pennyrich · Scultress · Novell · Tab · The Best Custom Fit Bra · The Custom Bra Company

That's Us!


85% of Women Wear the Wrong Size Bra...Do YOU?

Let us help you find a specialty bra that is the Perfect Fit for you!

The Perfect Fit bra boutique specializes in professional bra fitting and custom fit bras, including the world-acclaimed Le Unique Bras (formerly Jeunique Bras). It is essential for us to give our breasts the proper support; not only do properly supported breasts improve one's posture and profile, there is mounting evidence that ill-fitting, restrictive bra usage is correlated with an increased risk of developing breast cancer.

A traditional underwire bra's support system puts excess pressure on both the reflex points that lie directly underneath each breast, as well as on the lymph nodes. Frequent usage of underwire support bras can restrict the free flow of lymph fluid (the proper drainage of which is critical to flushing toxins from the body) and even pinch breast tissue, potentially resulting in cysts or other breast related diseases.

Le Unique Custom-Fit Bras

Stop suffering from unnecessary shoulder strap pull, painful underwire pinches and unseemly sagging or stretching!

Our custom-fitted bras support your breasts from beneath with a patented symmetrical support system that naturally encourages your bust tissue up and forward into the cup area, directing your bust into a healthy, flattering position. The unrestricted, individualized support provided by a professionally-fitted specialty bra allows for natural movement throughout the day. This organic dynamism simultaneously exercises and strengthens the pectoral muscles and anterior tissues that are responsible for maintaining higher nipples and promoting a "perkier" proscenium profile.

Our exclusive Air-O-Flex Banderin® technology uses your body heat to form fit and support each breast individually, according to its own unique size and shape, providing unmatched stability that instantly lifts the breasts, straightens the shoulders and improves posture.